It’s been about a week of erratic sleep at nights. Before and after a full moon sometimes makes me an owl. But throw in one mistakenly consumed (OH SO PRETTY AND OH DO DELICIOUS — see above!) coffee one evening, a couple of nights out and heavy dinners, PMS-induced sugar (and carb) cravings that I gave in to systematically (I’m talking a Death By Chocolate cookie day before yesterday, a mixed fried rice followed by a hot chocolate fudge yesterday, and a beautifully satisfying carbs-in-carbs aloo-bun today) and it’s thrown my system a touch out of whack. So I’ve been having trouble getting my required hours of sleep at night. Even the nights I’ve managed to get in bed at a very decent time, I have found myself wide awake counting sheep uselessly till 2 am on two nights this past week. Despite that I’ve managed to get up at 6 and hit the gym every day (mild beast mode motivation levels have been hit). So I think today, it all just caught up with me and I had a slow, slow, slowwww day, spent mostly horizontal, except for making a little something for lunch, consuming said lunch and stepping out for errands in the evening.

I watched Casual, all day long, and in the afternoon did something I haven’t done in a long while — i crashed for two whole hours. It was deep, deep, dead-to-the-world sleep an I woke up with my mouth open and drooling.

Clearly, I needed it. And in keeping with the slow-ness of today, my brain has refused to wake up. Hence, no post. I have absolutely no thoughts to share, forget coherent ones.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

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