It’s been such an intense day of learning. In terms for the content, in terms of the pace, in terms of what this all means for me and the demands it has placed on me since I have stepped into this space.

It feels at one level like a call to show myself fully — something I have very rarely done. Especially in other, similar contexts. If anything, the point of having to show up as I am has always been the reason for my backing away entirely and choosing to operate from the shadows.

I’ve always preferred to stay in the darkness of the wings than step into the spotlight. To be a doer than a leader. To follow than to set the pace. To shrink and see how I can fit in than step up and make a space for myself.

I see many threads of continuity emerge in the way my personal work and journey with self development is delicately interweaving itself into the framework that the tapestry of my learning and this work provides.

Today, in addition to feeling really enriched and fulfilled by the learning, I’m feeling a bit raw and exposed in my being.

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