Birthday love

My father celebrated a birthday today and we marked it with an Asian meal, two chocolate pastries and presents from Anokhi. I suppose it’s a good day when it’s your father’s birthday and you get to take home the gift.


I haven’t really opened my laptop in over ten days now. I briefly considered it when I thought I I’d catch up on Big Little Lies only to realise last week’s episode was the season finale — that went by too soon. But OITNB has a new season out and somehow I haven’t been inclined. I haven’t checked my email or posted off my laptop either. I seem to be reaching for my kindle more than j am my laptop or phone and I’m wondering if that’s someone related to the internal containment I’ve been feeling suddenly.


It was a quiet and peaceful day. Like every other day this week. And I’m just marvelling at how much things have turned. Sometimes I have to pinch myself — the contrast is that unbelievable.

As I near the end of another week I’m feeling grateful for the love, friendship and camaraderie I took in this week, for the wild displays of affection I recieved, the quiet support and confidence I drew from people around me and for the lessons I’ve learned.

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