A day that began like this:

After something like nearly a year, I felt like I was coming down with something. I’ve nursed a very, very slowly worsening itchy throat for two days now. But the progression has been so mild, at no point was I really sure if it was just an allergy or something worse. Yesterday though I began to feel my body alternating between needing a jacket or wanting to stay in a blanket, and desperately needing the fan on top speed and throwing the blanket off.

Is it PMS-induced something, I wondered? Was it that chled beer too many from Monday? Or that totally unnecessary drag off VCs cigarette that I immediately regretted from the depths of my throat (barf!)? Or that shady tall glass of water with more ice cubes than I would have liked? I’m a bit suspicious of contaminated ice and the moment I drank that glass of water I had a tiny red flag go up in my head.

Anyhow that was just the morning. I skipped working out and allowed myself to stay in, getting out only much later. I did however cook us a pot of peppery rasam that really helped, and I took the longest nap I’ve taken in a while, which certainly helped. Because I’ve woken up feeling almost 80% better.

I’ve had the sniffles a few times this past year, but each time I’ve managed to stay off the antibiotics by fighting it off with antihistamines and septilin alone. This time I haven’t even popped an antihistamine yet and I desperately hope I don’t need to take antibiotics so this needs to just peter down and go away soonly.

So if that means I need to just sleep it off, I’m okay with it. If it means my body’s asking for hot tea three times a day, with sugar in it, I did that too. If the will to exercise is missing, I complied.

There is joy in this very new ease in listening and to what my body is asking for, and going with it, rather than fighting it to keep to some sense of routine and “rightness” I have going in my head.

On the upside, a day mostly in bed has meant I finished a whole book I just started. Yay.

One year ago: Not yet lost all our graces

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