Today was such a satisfying day. After ages, I’m ending a day feeling really full.

It began with my weekly animal flow class that I am really, really enjoying. It’s been the perfect answer to all my my-body-needs-something-more-but-I-don’t-know-what feelings. A good combination of being sufficiently challenging physically, while also being a tad mind-bending so I have to also exercise my brain to get the mind-body coordination right, and at the same time focuses on both strength in terms of how demanding it is, and aesthetics in getting form and lines right. I am really loving how it mixes things up for me on any given week.

As of yesterday, since I am almost fully back to normal health-wise, I have returned to my bare minimum food intake. Two days is all it takes to feel squeaky clean and light again and I love that feeling.

I binge-watched Working Moms over the weekend, and I wrapped it up this afternoon. It was a good watch, and I have many thoughts on diversity and inclusion, since watching it.

I had a marathon 4-hour study session with D and S today, which was so good for me. It’s only been 2 weeks since my last module but time has expanded and slowed down so much since that it feels like a distant event and I was beginning to feel rusty. But I was glad to know that’s my imagination. We had meandering discussions, revisions of old concepts, just the kind of intellectual stretch and a bit of sparring, challenging and  and going at each other that I am so lucky to have with them. It’s a combination of feeling safe enough to do it with them, but also know that it will be met with an adequate and able push back that will be useful.

D made us these utterly sinful chewy chocolate chunk cookies. And I came home to a pack of Andhra biryani that Niyu brought back for me.

I’m so satisfied right now. Sigh.

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