So, I had a craving over the weekend. Quite late, long after I’d finished my dinner and settled into bed.

It melted in the time it took to get to me. But it was still so effing good. Is there anything better than a night-time craving to complement that binge-watch, that arrives at your doorstep without so much as your lifting a finger, all so you can eat it in bed?

I think not.


I spent all of yesterday with S. It took me over an hour to get there, and over an hour to get back. And over the course of the day, the weather went from bright and sunny (but not hot) enough to need sunglasses, to dark and gloomy with torrential rain. I missed the post-rain traffic mayhem though, and was home just long enough for it to settle, before my dad and I took a family friend out to eat an Andhra meal all the way in town again.

To be able to zip around, back and forth, even when the city is chaotic — these are not luxuries I take for granted.

Over dinner, the friend asked me if I prefer to live in Bangalore or Goa. In the past I’ve firmly said Goa without so much as a thought. Then there was a phase where I said both, and expressed joy at having the option to shuttle. Yesterday though, I caught myself saying “Bangalore, for now” without batting an eyelid.

There is something special about this truth and how deeply it has settled within me, lately.

I’m truly grateful for this life and all that it affords for me, for now.

One year ago: Fickle and changeable (Bruges. Day 1.)

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