October skies are back in all their madenning glory. (I just realised I wrote a sky post on this same day two years ago too.) October skies are a thing, in case you’re wondering.

Such a delight to wake up to real sky-blue skies, with fluffy waves of clouds streaked through, even after a night of torrential rain. The sun is bright, the heat is picking up. It’s October alright.

90 days to the end of the year and I’m feeling all kinds of thankful for 2019. It hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been pretty damn close. And I say this taking every misstep, every downer, every emotional landslide, every challenge and every single thing that I would otherwise count as forgettable, within.

I count it all as near perfection. Just like this October morning Bangalore sky.


Today, I’m grateful for sunlight. For whatever it is that has motivated me to get up and get to the gym this past week. And for the joy and fullness that has come from spending the day with S today.


It’s my grandfather’s birthday today. He would have been 91, and I find myself thinking about him with much adoration and nostalgia today.

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