Eyes that see, eyes that speak

I’m at such an interesting juncture — a point where enough healing and self-work has given me new eyes to see the world differently.

I’ve become so present to just how much the way I see has changed. The way I see the world, what I take in, what I am willing to let slide, and how I react even without words.

It’s in the eyes. Those same eyes that are more able to see difficult truths, than avert it. Eyes that are soft and willing to be shown when I am wrong. Eyes that are porous so things can seep in, come and go, slowly. Eyes that are sharp and unafraid to call a spade a spade, but benign in the face of love. Eyes that speak louder than before, eyes that hide less behind them. Eyes that are vessels of as much information I take in, as I now allow to be put out. Eyes that are flexible and always ready to be surprised.

Still, what I want in my life
is to be willing
to be dazzled—
to cast aside the weight of facts

and maybe even
to float a little
above this difficult world.

— Mary Oliver


Today I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn. The means that have been opening up for me. Technology, and how much it enables through providing channels, connections, communication over distances and so much more that I have leaned on so much this past year to buffer and bolster my learning.

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2 thoughts on “Eyes that see, eyes that speak

  1. I could connect to this post at so many levels..

    I read your blog… well.. almost daily.. and more often than not, feel the urge to thank you for (unknowingly) giving words to what I may be going through in my own life!

    Wishing you well…


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