A little care

What will you do to take care of yourself?

 A daunting question when I think about it. Even more so when I see this list of answers I narrated to D after much thought, and she jotted them down for me, as part of an exercise in an Inner Child healing workshop we did together at the start of the year. I see the answers and I see the sweet earnestness with which I had written them. I meant every one of them.

End of the year, end of the decade, end of my 35th year feels are all up on me and almost as if to answer my where-am-I-going and what-have-done angst, I found this list in my notebook quite by surprise.

I’m so thrilled to see I’ve done all of the things on this list a fair bit. Some more intently than others, some with a few fits and starts,. It I’ve given each of these things a fair and heartfelt shot. And that makes me happy.

This has been a quiet but big and important year for me. It’s been the year I gave myself, amongst many other subtle things, the permission to take care of myself.

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4 thoughts on “A little care

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  3. Hi Rev, I was thinking about self-care myself just a few mins ago and on how I should work on reducing my constant need for external validation. As a child, I have been this human who breeds on others energy. I am guilty of knowing it but still doing it syndrome. Then, suddenly I thought about you and came here to say Hi! I hope you are doing good. Many things (good and bad) have happened to me this year and hoping 2020 will be a quieter than 2019. I need to reset. I need a reset. Until next time, Love ya!

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    1. I hear you. It’s hard to undo those patterns especially if they come from as far back as our childhoods, Siri <3 It takes a lot of compassion and self-love that we're not always already wired to give ourselves. And so I've had to learn some of that too, to begin.

      I hope youre well! Thank you for dropping a comment :)


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