Up and about

Im wired and totally buzzed on a high energy, productive day spent out and about. Getting shit done, talking endlessly and thrashing out ideas and discussing ways to see them to fruition. I haven’t had this sort of an upswing in an outward moving energy, in years. It’s been two since I have slowly and gradually petered the freelance writing to the back burner. I’ve been in shifting-gears mode for so long now, not quite sure which lane to pick and which stream to find my flow in. But suddenly, after what feels like way too long spent thinking about things alone, I am making moves towards seeing new dreams to reality. And today, that energy was palpable.

Zipping thru the city, I realised this is in some measure what I missed towards the end of my days in Goa. This palpable feeling of swimming in a fully flowing stream of getting shit done. I have so so so missed this feeling, this distinct sense of satisfaction.

S and I ate a massive Vietnamese lunch to celebrate the excellent good beginnings and quick progress. And because she’s superstitious like that, we will follow it up with a consecutive day of work tomorrow.

I am so thrilled to be back in work mode. But in an entirely new way from anything I have ever done before. Not just in the nature of the work but the manner in which I am having to function and the way in which this will put me out in the world.

I am so excited for what the new year will bring.

One year ago: Abiding faith and peace of mind

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