Monday Tarot Message: Make way for hope

An apt card to follow up the tiny ray of sunshine that I’ve felt creeping up since the weekend.

The Ace of Cups is one of my top three cards in the Rider Waite deck, that signals optimism and good things to come. If you need that little bit of optimism in these grim times, maybe take this as your sign, literally. It’s okay to give in to the feel-good, sometimes.

Psychologically speaking, though, this card speaks of a return to the beginning of life. To the openness, innocence and trusting place of a child’s heart. A place that gradually turns hard and closed up, untrusting and disbelieving as we go through life, and gather experiences (many traumatic ones) and age over time.

Life’s experiences and “wisdom” train us to constantly prepare for the worst. To dodge disappointment, avoid failure, watch our backs, not get ahead of ourselves, don’t speak too soon, etc., while optimism is all but worn down and forgotten.

Expect little so you won’t be disappointed is a popular mantra. But this makes us hard and closed-up. Safe from life’s little hurts, yes, but also from life’s big splendour.

This is the work of our minds that keep us safe at all times. By being realistic, vigilant and smart, we lose touch with the capacity of pure belief and optimism, untainted by experience. We forget what it is to practice surrender, trust and acceptance. All things that require softening. All things that are essential for wholesome lives.

I can tell you what it’s been like for me. I have been feeling utterly hopeless and cynical lately. It has just been building and building since December. I am currently sitting with understanding the difference between positivity that acknowledges the truth and positivity that bypasses what needs to be absolutely seen and worked through. I’ve been experimenting with letting myself feel shitty a lot, instead of trying to do something to feel better all the time. I don’t know when “feel better” became the ideal, but I’m trying to go back to just feeling all feelings.

So this feels like permission to also let the good feeling that has naturally made its way to me, sweep in some.

The card today, asks that we make way for a softening. In your heart, in your body, in your mind. Whatever it is you are rigidly holding yourself to — whether situations or emotions — try letting that guard down. Allow a gentle thawing, a clearing for a beam of light, an opening for a breath of fresh air to sweep in. Practice softness, trusting, optimism. Keep those muscles working well. Because they’re the ones that help in building connection, relationships, dependence, trust, surrender and acceptance.

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