Work updates, lockdown edition

I get a fair number of questions, whether prospective clients or general population, about the whys and hows of tarot and what drew me to it, what I get out of it, how it works and why I took to the cards at all.

I get that the perception around tarot cards is shrouded in mystery and it carries a heavy woo-woo charge that some folks avoid because it clashes with their left-brain decision making. And some of this is true. Tarot cards have a foundation in an ancient practice that deals with archetypes, symbols and divination practices. But increasingly, they’re being used in a wide range of applications in the contemporary world, with surprising results. More and more, they’re finding a place, and sparking growing interest, in the world of mental health, self-awareness and self-development. This is the area I am slowly carving a path in as I go, and I hope to grow deeper in this way. So if you have been contemplating this, or if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Many of you might already know I became interested in reading tarot cards as a tool for my own self-development. It has been a very personal and intimate part of my growth journey. So to now be able to share it with people around me, in my city, around India and far, far beyond (USA, Europe, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, at last count) has been extremely satisfying.

So to answer some of the questions I usually get, I’m doing a series of short posts to try and demystify my work. I’m posting my Instagram post as it is, so you can swipe through the carousel to see it, if it interests you. I hope you find it useful, and worth sharing.

If it piques your interest in a session, either for yourself or for someone you think might benefit, please reach out to me or spread the word.

Like pretty much the whole world, my work slowed down a bit as we all got locked in at home. I had workshops planned out till June, including some in Mumbai, but of course everything is now shelved, possibly indefinitely.

I didn’t take a break from taking personal sessions for readings during this time, though, since this is location-agnostic practice. It was very easy to just move all sessions online. I just didn’t announce or expressly push them, stepping back from “marketing”. Partly because I slowed down considerably with the change in routine and my time suddenly being spent doing so much else around the house.

Come April, the tide turned and I noticed a natural spike in requests for readings again. Many questions around dealing with uncertainty have come up. Almost everyone has questions about work prospects. It is a time that is bubbling with possibility, even as it feels slow and inward.

I took it as a sign to get out there again. There seems to be a need for answers and I am happy to help in whatever way I can. I also feel more settled in a new rhythm of organised-chaotic around here.

I continue to take enquiries for personal reading sessions. This is most easily done online, either on a video call if you prefer and are comfortable, or a regular voice call too. So if you have been considering — whether you’re in Bangalore or not — please reach out.

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