Monday Tarot Message: Practice intention and mindfulness

One of the purposes of healing the past is to move forward into a future independent of all that holds you back. Individuating from old patterns, toxic cycles, unsupportive relationships, limiting beliefs, and coming into your own power. Arriving at this place involves practice — practicing at life — starting with the most basic building blocks of intention and mindfulness.

Building intentionality is the first baby, but big, step at self-awareness. When you begin to practice this, in the smallest ways it slowly translates to practicing discernment.
Deliberate action.
Commitment to ones personal values.
Honouring the truth.
Boundaries and respect.
Compassion and empathy.

All of this builds the capacity to choose that which serves, and parse out all that doesn’t. That which heals, and that which poisons. That which holds you up, and that which drags you down. That which nourishes and nurtures, and that which drains. Which is basically what a healing journey is all about. Finding yourself, amidst the mess, choosing yourself and walking on.

The practice of intention and mindfulness begins to show up in your life slowly, subtly. You’ll see it in shifts in effective communication, harmonious relationships, respectful equations with people around you, the ability to witness your emotions, a life that is in flow, no matter what the circumstances.

To heal is to essentially move towards that which is in alignment with the self, leaving behind all misdirects. It’s a constant WIP, and you won’t always get it right. But every choice will teach you something, and the Queen of Swords is a reminder that you can move towards a place of mastery where this choice making, discernment, intentionality becomes second nature.

It all begins with cultivating a razor sharp focus on on intention and mindfulness.

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