I’ve been at the receiving end of this odd sort of silence. Where, if something I have said is too much or mistimed, it is just wholly ignored. The silence leaves me wondering, really what I’ve done to bring it on. I’ve been picking up on it happening here and there, but yesterday it occurred to me that it’s consistently happening across the board with a range of people. Just fucking crickets.

I’m not talking just of full-fledged conversation, but even just basic acknowledgement. An “okay” or a “yes” or a “no” has been scarce these days.

I think it’s bothering me a touch because despite being in a quiet and wordless space myself, I go that extra step to respond to everyone because I think they shouldn’t go away feeling ignored.

I wonder what I am not seeing about me that is inviting this response all across. And because I know this, I wonder what in myself I’m not seeing or hearing fully.

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