More thoughts on growth learnt from watching my plants:

  1. Growth is so, so, so dependant on laying a nourishing, fertile foundation and cultivating a safe, healthy space for it to continue
  2. Growth is mostly small and subtle, miraculous in it’s shapeshifting subtlety
  3. Growth is beautifully silent
  4. Growth is bloody magical
  5. Growth, whatever kind, however it happens, is gorgeous. And absolutely worth working for

Casually hit the 200 post mark today, and felt all kinds of happy all over again, to have this space to journal, doodle, scribble the meandering growth curve that I am on.

Even though a lot goes un-articulated, undocumented (and that is fine) I am happy I have this space to note some of the surprising twists and turns, inflection points and important milestones of this journey because of the all-consuming way in which I have built it around my life itself. Not a side-project, not work, not a hobby. The very centre of my life itself.

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Three years ago: Perfect love
Four years ago: Barely moving

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