Monday Tarot Message: Go within, embrace your truth

Two of Swords is usually a cautionary card, symbolising defensiveness, or fear, or shutting down or being unable to see things for what they are.

Today, it speaks differently. Of an invitation to take the time to go within. To pull away from distractions (lies) in the outer world that keep us away from what is within. To dig deep into the joys and pain of our truth.

And this is quite honestly a stark, strong message for me, first. It’s amazing how this happens so often — I get a pertinent message most apt for what I am going through. As I am noticing and surveying the ways in which I move forward, I am reminded today that sometimes that necessary movement is to go within. Even if it is to a dark place that is has been potentially scary. It feels like I can do it this time around.


Truth here, is about instinct. A raw, primal inner sense. Intuition. The voice of that inner self. This is about allowing that self to guide us. To lean in to what we know to be true, but we let slide because of logic, cognitive biases, worry about perceptions and how we will be received. We can get intimate with that intuitive sense only when we befriend all of ourselves with nakedness, dropping facades and lofty aspirations we may have held. Coming to terms with ourselves just the way we are. Culling away outer layers and meeting what lies within and cultivating a deep trust with that self.

What we go searching for in the world around — belonging, validation, to be seen or heard, love or acceptance, surety  — inevitably brings us back to that self that lies beneath personas. Finding true alignment requires truth-telling. Owning up to our experiences, our stories, our vulnerabilities and all that has shaped us.

Allowing ourselves to be led by instinct, brings truthfulness in the way we conduct ourselves in the world too. Thoughts and feelings become unfiltered. Communication becomes precise. And telling the truth, about the smallest things, becomes natural, no matter what the outcome. Like others potentially leaving us, or their reactions that could be difficult to stomach, or steering into unfamiliar territory. But because this inward journey helps build a commitment to ourselves cemented in our truth, we may not waver.

What truth do you have hidden inside of you that want to embrace? How can you forge a commitment with yourself? Know that doing this means you will have your back in a way that nobody else in the world will.

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