Monday Tarot Message: Fear is not your enemy

Monday Tarot Messages return, after a brief hiatus (which has ended up seeing another unplanned hiatus within the intended hiatus — hiatus inception, if you will!). I took a break to focus on some constructive plans and productivity for where I want to take my work with Tarot and Constellations in the coming months, but life had other plans and I ended up laptop-less, in Goa and was blissfully forced to really STOP and take a break. So no, I didn’t really fuel the plans to “move ahead” but somehow I feel refuelled, if that makes sense. And I’m attributing this sudden burst of energy to do this NOW, on a Tuesday, rather than wait for next Monday, to that refuelling.

I know it’s Tuesday, but these days I’m learning to strike when the inspiration visits, and not wait for it to arrive on schedule. This feels like a come back, and I’m aware I have a lot of catching up to do. But I feel ready. For one, I have a new laptop. Second, it feels like the dark clouds have parted and some blue skies are showing through. And at this point, I’ll take it. With both hands.

So let’s pretend it’s Monday, shall we?


Fear often brings a sense of inadequacy. A feeling of not being good enough when we don’t push through, or we don’t make it at something we wanted, or that someone may have wanted of us.

Popular adages that ask us to quell fear and push on are all very well. Because it is true: moving beyond fear and out of our comfort zones is a vital step in growth. But, there is something to be said about timing, about listening so keenly to your intuition and knowing when it is just right.

It’s important to remember that fear is also a necessary mechanism of self-preservation. It is a feedback system that guides how we should proceed, in which direction, and when we should stay. To begin to understand the nuances requires befriending fear. To accept it, welcome it, understand it. To drop our stories and judgement around it.

To understand the difference between when fear is holding you back, and when it is actually a vital signal that it is not time, not safe yet, requires gentleness. A soft approach to understanding yourself and where your fears come from. When we soften up, it gets easier to accept that fear is useful. That fear has a place.

This process may ask for patience and humility of you, to accept that when we respond with fear and choose to stay; sometimes, that is the right choice. That we are not lesser for it. Then, we can move past the judgement — and that sense of inadequacy.

Moving forward may not always the best option, and fear reminds us of this fact. That sometimes we need to slow down, take a break, see if there’s a deeper lesson we are missing, to check if we need to change course altogether.

Knowing when not to moving forward doesn’t mean you are weak, or useless, or a wuss. It might mean you have learned to honour and listen to your inner voice.

Fear indicates when certain choices could bring potential futures that our systems are not ready for as yet. We can ease in to this growth by moving at a pace that is comfortable and sometimes guarded. We can do the work to build internal safety that allows fear to rest, slowly and over time, by really welcoming fear in a way that helps us learn what we need in order to feel safe, healthy and to move forward.

There is no rush, and fear is not your enemy. Can you make it your friend?

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