Monday Tarot Message: Dealing with change and the new(normal)

“Normal, just for a bit.” How many times have you said or heard this in the past few months? It got me thinking about our fixation with normal. It stems from the human need for certainty and predictability as markers of safety. Even in the face of abject uncertainty, here we are still wanting normal.

Today’s card is an invitation to look at the new, for what it is: new. Something never been before. A chance for a departure from the norm. Even as the times continue to be dismal and hopeless, every day there are changes that present new opportunities big and small. Our fixation with a static idea of “normal” blocks that out.

Changing this requires turning within. To unmuddy our minds, understand the reasons why we cling to the old, what fears keep us from embracing the new, what stories we tell ourselves in order to stay, unmoving. In the process we may affirm our intuition and inner wisdom that has been there all along. While the world may churn every now and then, that voice can provide solidity (certainty) and calm (solace) that we look for outside of ourselves.

Self reflection and sharpening your intuition will make you aware of rigidity that could do with softening up, or fluidity that could do with some focus and channelling. It strengthens our ability to change our thinking. It offers new ways of thinking, new ways of getting comfortable with what life is offering in the now. New possibilities. New normals.

I’ve turned to Tarot more this year than ever before, looking for solace, perspective and calm. If there’s one resounding lesson I have received over and over and over, it is this: every single day of life is made up of change and flux, and what I need more than anything else is to continually get comfortable with that. I see this not only in the messages I receive, but also in studying and understanding the very structure of this deck of cards. Nothing stays, everything changes, from one card to the next. There are no guarantees, no fixed answers.

What ideas of normal are you holding out for? Is it holding you back? Reflect on what is passing you by while you wait. What do you need so you can ease up and embrace what is, instead of waiting for what you’d like it to be.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Tarot Message: Dealing with change and the new(normal)

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