Monday Tarot Message: Pay attention

Much of the energy that guides our lives is born from what we choose to consciously and unconsciously cultivate through focus, attention, intention and action.

Great idea then, to build the capacity to bring intention to several aspects of our life. To actions. To thoughts and behaviour. To the inner workings of our being.

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Rather than living a life under a magnifying glass, obsessively examining every little act, with no room for spontaneity and lightness, this is a call to have a reflexive mechanism to check-in with ourselves. As a means to build practices and habits that hone a life of mindfulness and intention/attention.

When we make attentiveness a habit, we can understand ourselves, our motivations and needs better. This brings ease around accepting why experiences impact us the way the do. Why some endure while others are cut short seemingly before their time. Why some trigger specific emotions that either liberate or dominate us. And more importantly, how we may move ahead from each of these instances.

Thinkers, philosophers and spiritual teachers have spoken of the power of “Attention” since time immemorial. Ancient mystical practices, meditative techniques, breath work, yoga all teach us to “pay attention”. More relevant now than ever, as we live in an Attention Economy, is the need to examine what has our attention.

Where focus goes, energy flows.
What you choose, lives and grows.
What you allow, endures.
How you live matters.

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