Monday Tarot Message: On working towards your desires

Apt card for mid-February methinks. When the fresh January enthusiasm to get moving on goals is somewhat diluted in the routine of life. The Knight of Pentacles is a high-energy, high-action card.

It depicts a journey towards a goal that is already underway, reminding us that desires need the fuel of commitment and action in order to come alive.

It’s good to find ways to keep your intentions active, either visually (vision board, sticky notes) or through habits (daily routines, action groups). This came up a number of times in Looking Back And Looking Ahead sessions this past week. Because life inevitably gets ahead, and a distance can build between your desires and intentions, and the direction in which you eventually move.

So whether you are a methodical planner or you like to go with the flow, this is your reminder that when bringing about a change or moving towards a goal, there is no replacement for putting one step in front of another and walking the path. No matter how big or small those steps may be, there is no escaping the walking.

Depending on circumstance and your specific goals, your journey may be smooth or challenging. Or both. Patience that comes from a deep sense of responsibility and commitment is key. When you approach progress in this way, actively, it becomes easier to evaluate on the go. To know when a goal is unrealistic, to tune into your own pace and understand if you need to move slower or faster, to also check in on whether the intention still feels exciting and motivating too. All very important steps in ensuring that you succeed.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign it permission to move towards a desire/goal/plan/intention this here is it. Go forth!

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