I’ve had a really full-on week of work. 3 sessions a day on most days, and sometimes things happening in between too. The slowness of 2020 seems to be fading, and whenether I’d really like to or not, an upward energy has scooped me up. I have had to make time to sit down and catch a breath, sometimes a nap, or a grocery run in between my commitments and appointments this week.

It’s been very busy, by my standards (from the last couple of years of major, deliberate relaxation) but fulfilling. I have wanted this. Movement, work, a challenge, so I am really loving it. To enable focusing on work this much, I had to revert to hiring house help again, and it has been a boon to have that taken over. More mindspace has been freed up.

But, I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that it’s also been exhausting. To be present to my work, fit in home stuff, get meals done, try and stock cook and eat clean and somehow pull it off.

Not a big deal in the lives of most women, I know. But it’s been a long, long time since I had work be the predominant force that dictate the rhythm of my routine in such a major way. And it’s been two weeks of this. Next week, I’m taking it easy. Deliberately. Fewer slots open for sessions, I’ve fixed an appointment for a massage, and I’m going to take myself out for a day by myself.


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