Monday Tarot Message: A life of your own making

The Nine of Pentacles embodies independence and self-sufficiency. Specifically financially, but also emotionally and physically. This is a woman who has the capacity to live an untethered life that is luxurious, abundant and directed by what is most authentic and meaningful for her self, over what society and external conditioning dictates. A life of her own making.

This is particularly relevant for women, in a world that does a fantastic job of encouraging us to live within the “safe” zones dictated to us. This card is an encouragement to establish new and more authentic safe zones for yourself. To recognise where you feel stuck, trapped, bound, in pain, and to work on replacing it with joy, peace, liberation and inner alignment.

The luxury and abundance in this card is more about quality than quantity. Not opulence or unlimited means (though if that is your current circumstance, that is fine too), rather the specific nature of authenticity in your life experience — a life that is true to your individual needs and values. Reflect on the granularity of this kind of abundance in your life, luxuriate in simple everyday acts, beauty and joy around you, listen to your innermost desires, cultivate habits that ground you and uplift you.

Self-development and building a life of authenticity will sooner or later require reflection about our positions within the existing frameworks and structures of power that exert their forces on us.

We reach this place of untethered-ness by consciously choosing things, situations, people, environments that support us, whether emotionally, physically, or spiritually. And we do this by continuously tuning into our inner calling, sometimes even at the cost of turning down that which is most expected of us. That which is “normal” or “safe” or “conventional.” And moving past that which most scares us.

We’ll have to ask ourselves:
Do you feel free in your relationships?
What keeps you tethered?
Where in your life would you like to build independence?
How can you nurture your desires?
And the answers may bring up fear, shame or guilt.

Building a life of freedom, abundance and luxury on our own terms then, is a lifelong pursuit and it will mean gradually moving through past pain, shame and fear. That is the route to sweetness.

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