Monday Tarot Message: On safety and freedom

Four of Pentacles invites us to examine ideas around Safety and Freedom. As human beings, we need both. Interesting to note though, that we seek freedom yet quickly introduce structure to regulate it. As soon as we have security in place, we simultaneously yearn for spontaneity and impulsiveness.

This is evident in how normalised it has become to track/count our time, productivity, calorie intake, water, footsteps, number of books read and so much more, even as we exercise freedom in the varied choices we make in these aspects of our personal lives.

The experience of safety (containment) is at the centre of the healing journey through which we seek to liberate (expand) ourselves.

Safety and freedom are two sides of the same coin. But can we distinguish between seeking safety to avoid the hard things in life that we need to look at and grow from (remain where we are) and building new safety mechanisms and spaces to help us cope with the difficult while we move towards growth (encourage movement)? It’s a crucial difference because while the former provides safety, the latter can provide safety and freedom too.

If our need for security comes from fear, it is likely that the coping behaviour that comes form it will feel like control. Whereas if we seek safety from wanting to move past our challenges, we’ll likely adopt behaviours that create safety in a way thar encourages movement anyway. If the former persists, that control can get oppressive. Planning, scheduling, organising help create a sense of safety that is essential to get moving. But if we don’t stay close to the intentions we began with, these same mechanisms can get rigid and stifling. And rigidity rarely supports growth.

Ponder about whether you want to revisit and redefine your current understanding of safety and freedom. Some questions to allow:

  1. Where on the spectrum do you lie?
  2. Where can you inculcate some flexibility?
  3. Where do you need to bring in tighter boundaries?
  4. Is there enough safety in your freedom?
  5. Is fear introducing control where there is none necessary?

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