Monday Tarot Message: Self love/self care

Compassion, specifically for myself, has been an overarching theme for the last many months in my life. And it’s exactly what I see in today’s card too.

The Ace of Cups shows an outpouring of compassion and love. To be held, to fill oneself up with, to nurture and to pass on, and to share with loved ones. But also to direct inwards, within. To believe in the power of self love and not look for love outside alone, in the form of reciprocal relationships.

What does self-love and self-compassion look like to you in this moment? Today’s message is about allowing for whatever form it takes to help and heal you.

  • It could be in sitting and being with yourself through a difficult time. Or in finding the strength to ask for help when needed.
  • Allowing yourself a little indulgence may feel powerful today. As might doing nothing but having a good cry.
  • If things are overwhelming, give yourself the permission to take your mind elsewhere if you need to. Or stay with the difficult emotions, if that is the call of the hour.
  • Rest if you must. Or power through the roadblocks.
  • Find the light in your everyday life. Or walk through the darkness, if that is where you are in your journey.

All of it counts. All of it is valid. Compassion and love don’t have a singular look, they don’t manifest in finite and limited forms and means. And there is great strength in accepting that our needs change, and we require different things at different times. Be open to shifting the goalposts of self-love around, get better at tuning into your needs, instead. That is self-care with compassion thrown in.

Today’s message is about discernment in understanding what you need, and giving yourself the permission to do exactly that. Minus the guilt. Minus the expectations. Minus the “shoulds” and the “have tos”. There is no rule book. Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, I hope you’ll find some love to give yourself, in whatever form that its available and possible for you.

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