Monday Tarot Message: Stress and awareness

When we are stressed, tension builds in the way we perceive things, in our bodies, in our capacity to think and move ahead. As a result possibilities shrink, the future look small and bleak, and we minimise ourselves to fit. Not because that is necessary or even true, but because in that moment, we don’t know better.

The Three of Wands indicates an opposite state. Instead of closing up for protection, we can respond with expansion. An opening up that is born from fortitude. Where awareness grows, possibilities are many, potential is full and rich.

This isn’t about “being positive” or eliminating stress, rather about healing, so we may respond to stress, rather than react to or buckle under it. Building awareness and inviting a softening helps open our hearts and allow a wider scope of life to touch us. When we heal, we build a safe, relatively unshakeable space within ourselves that is not easily perturbed.

Stress contracts awareness. Makes us see and operate from limited view of a situation. We lose the capacity to pull back and see the big picture. With healing, we can understand and work through the triggers that cause stress and come to a place where we meet the same (and other) stressors differently.

We can teach ourselves to witness our emotions, give them space as we move to a vantage point from where to scan the horizons of our inner and outer worlds. We may experience containment and openness while also being held safely within. When we can expand and hold ourselves through this process, we are more likely to progress in a good way.

In the larger picture, this may also be experienced as individuation. Coming into one’s own. This is the birth of what some forms of healing call the Big Self.

(Thrilled to be breaking in a new deck that was an early birthday gift from my mother, and getting back to enjoying my balcony that I tended to and brought back to life over the last four days.)

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