What’s good?

Fully and completely escaping reality today. I haven’t wished we had a television more than I have today.

The news has just been too much this past week and I’ve started to well and truly tune out. Limited reading and updates via the news, feeling numb to the little I have seen and just no energy left to process anything with respect to the madness that is this second wave and the clusterfuck that is this fresh hell of what is nothing short of genocide at the hands of this government.

Over an out.

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2 thoughts on “What’s good?

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  2. Chintu,

    At least there is one family member in my friends circle who is infected with Covid right now, I don’t think any authority or Institution can control people from doing what they want to do. My SIL got infected after attending a wedding, where 2000 people were in attendance. A Country like USA can’t cope when there is a surge, how can other Countries? I always enjoyed your writing and your perspective, I am not trying to criticize, especially I have no business doing that, being some random person from the internet.
    What you are doing right now, by shutting yourself away from reality it the best you can do to stay sane.

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