Monday Tarot Message: Another kind of balance

This morning, it seemed futile to write a tarot message when our world is literally choking around us. It didn’t seem relevant to pull my mind out of a cocoon to put some words together. And so I put it off.

But I have also been telling myself what if 1) turning away entirely or 2) drowning in the misery of it all didn’t have to be the only two choices here?

What if getting away from how I am feeling right now — worried, furious, grief-stricken, in despair, confused — wasn’t the only thing I need to do? What if I could acknowledge the reality of this, and off-set it by also choosing soothing habits to nourish and ground myself? What if I could stoke sweetness and hope too, to fit right beside the despair and sorrow? What if that might ground me, keep my mind from feeling untethered? What thoughts and practices could I call on to balance the coming undone that I experience when I actively avoid the heavy feelings?

How can I find balance when all about me is spinning out?

Maybe there is nowhere to go. This is where it is, and one must embrace whatever one must to find the inner balance between the extremes we’re watching play out. You do you, you do whatever you need to, to get you through.

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