New way, new life, new being

Growing into a life more aligned with my true needs and desires has taken a lot of confronting exactly that which makes me most afraid. Playing small and sticking within the lines, accepting my patterns and fates keeps me safe. But as I’ve understood what I truly value, the same responses and ways of being feel inadequate. Ironically, moving towards new values has asked of me the ability to slowly discard the safety I habitually seek. To let go of old shores, swim bravely to new ones.

How does one do this with thinking and a way of living?

I’ve found that a big part of the way is to be willing to try new things. Beliefs, attitudes, choices. To be less judgemental when I see others try them. To be open. To be less set in what I think I know to be true. To taste the confusion of not knowing. To lie in limbo, inaction, even. And to let new paths reveal themselves.

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