Throbbing with the audacity of life

Butterflies have been showing up a lot lately. Literally, flying through my living room, and figuratively in crucial messages that I need jogged back to the fore for.

Earlier this week, I mentioned the same butterfly analogy in a reading and almost immediately the butterfly that’s been making a dialy appearance flitted into my living room not far from where I was sitting, ambled around and casuallyflew out again. Almost like an affirmation. An iridescent blue affirmation with white, close-set speckles that scream YES YES YES! like a choir.

The next day, I saw the same fellow in my kitchen. Trying to make it out a closed window. So I watched for a while, and then opened the window, to let him go.

The next day, he was back again. Probably trying to find, or had already found, a spot somewhere in our home to make a home, I thought.

Again, I spotted him the next day. Basically I spotted him everyday for a week.

We came away to my folks’ today. got here mid morning, and this happened in the evening.

I spoke of a death cycle recently. And all week I have been given this representation of life after death. So finally, I see it. I get what this is about. It feels like a massive, resounding yes, throbbing with the audacity of life.

I so see it.

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