Monday Tarot Message: Evaluate your progress

If you have been trying to bring about change in some area/s of your life, today is a good time to evaluate how far you’ve come. Take stock, pat yourself on the back, make changes where necessary. And keep going on.

Making change happen involves letting your heart (mind) guide the way, but also following it up by action (body). Seven of Pentacles is a reminder that the process requires both — mind and body, desire and action — to work in tandem.

So as you take stock today, remind yourself of what you value. Why is this change important to you? What will your life look like when you have changed?

Most change is inherently testing, and it is likely that your self-talk and mind chatter will remind you of it. Possibly even discourage you. Be aware of this as you evaluate your progress. How you feel alone, is not necessarily always the most accurate measure. Since change challenges the comfort of hard, old patterns, they’ll do everything in their power to discourage you from growing or moving out of that comfort. Even if that means making you believe you’re not actually moving ahead or good for change.

Listen to your heart and what it feels about your progress, but don’t give the negative talk or chatter too much attention. Follow through with action that reinforces your commitment to what you value about establishing a new pattern, new ways of being, and why they are iportant for you. Act like you’re committed to the change you want to see.

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