Monday Tarot Message: Making space for change

Just like you can’t give from an empty cup, you can’t receive in a full cup. I’m reminded of the Zen story about a young monk who approached his master, eager to learn. But he came with a mind full of preconceived notions, inflexible opinions and keen to show how much he already knows. The Zen master rebuked him, “First, empty your cup!”

The Ace of Cups, represented by an overflowing cup brings a message about making space today. Letting go, clearing out, cultivating emptiness as a necessary step in growing. Without it, there will be no space or flexibility for newness to seed.

Where in your life do you need to make space?

What do you need to empty, so your cup may be filled anew?

What old habits are you ready to let go of, so you can change, learn or do something differently?

How can you open yourself up and become flexible in your convictions?

How could seeing multiple points of view benefit you?

How can you aid the change you seek, by making space for it?

How can you create a habit of ongoing emptying out and creating space to allow for continuing expansion?

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