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2020: I am Revati Upadhya. I am a writer, practitioner of Family Constellations and tarot card reader. Until not so long ago, I was a full-time freelance writer, but more recently, I have shifted gears to give my interest in wellness and healing a more focused place in my life. I am now interested in finding ways to use my learnings and skills across these fields — writing, family constellations and tarot cards — to work with people seeking alignment, balance, harmony and flow between their inner and outer worlds.

My own healing journey has been enriched by Family Constellations and reading Tarot Cards, which I sought as ways to understand myself better. The years I have spent studying family constellations, and deepening my work with tarot, are a reflection of the evolution I have experienced in my own personal development. I have found this to be a tremendously freeing process and journey in finding alignment, balance and flow in my own life, and I am now keen to offer this work through different channels that enable healing through sessions and workshops, conversation and discussion, and safe spaces for exploration of one’s inner and outer worlds and all that this process may bring to the surface.

You can read more about these developments on my professional website.

2017: I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. And this blog is an extension of my incorrigible need to process everything within and around me, through words. Read more about this blog here.

48 thoughts on “About me

  1. layingmycardsonthetable

    Wow! I have been wanting to quit the job and take up freelance writing. I should say freelance journalism. But I really do not know when am I going to do that….
    Love your blog


  2. Bhavana Madbhavi

    I just love your blog posts and I enjoy reading them….It’s motivating me to write more posts …Thanks ..Your posts are so lovely ……..!!


  3. Your writing portfolio is really impressive……as well as the journeys that you took in life till now……will be following your blog more to find out more about your daily existence…..:)….all the best…..


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  5. Priya

    Hey Revati
    Bumped into you as I was browsing for dates and banana cake eggless recipes
    I love your free spirit- I am one too and can relate to it😃😃😃


  6. Hey. I came across your blog through several clicks. I am not certain, but I think it started from Archana’s kitchen. I started reading the initial post and then ended up enjoying them so much that I had reached back to 2014(I think).

    So I thought I will let you know. I am not trying to creep you out(I was waiting to use this reference!:P), but your blog made me feel like I know you already.


      1. I know u’ve been busy but if u have time, do hop on my space. Btw, a small request: Howz bout doing a small guest post for my blog? Do lemme kno if you have time and also planning to make a request for ur interview on my blog.
        Do lemme kno:)


        1. Just no time for my own blog right now Vishal, dont think I can do justice to anothers by way of a guest post. And why on earth would you want to interview me?!!!


  7. Zia Vanger

    You know I use to bang my head trying to figure out the single-biggest calling in my life. But I soon discovered there isn’t just one calling. So I stopped looking & started living in the things present at hand, writing, for instance (now).
    And when my head is in the clouds, I dream of white elephants!


  8. UK

    You are living my dream! I completed my higher education in goa(i know sounds like an oxymoron) and those two years were perhaps the best in my life. Just came across this blog. My weekend is set. Keep writing!


  9. Hey! Having spent a lot of time on your site in the last couple of weeks it makes sense to write to you and not just be a stalker :-). I just love the way you write! You will see me here more….and thanks for adding me on instagram, was keen on seeing goa as you see it.


  10. Oh! the confusion this greatest calling in life has created! And I am not even as many things as you. I mean, seriously God, you should have send a instruction manual with us! Or, maybe some Pandit can help us out. Ok, forget the last line. :P
    Glad to be here and heading to the food blog now. :)


  11. Meera Parameswaran

    When I was 18 and had no idea what I am gonna do, I thought I had time.
    When I was 20 and still had no idea, I panicked.

    Now I am 23 and yeah, you guessed it, no idea whatsoever, I have left thinking about. Mostly I would be just cooking and clicking and having a happy domestic life eventually. And you know, I am sure I will be satisfied cent percent. :)


  12. Okay – this could be me writing these lines – There’s a reason why I still cant decide what my single-biggest calling in life is. Is it music? Is it writing? Is it art? Is it photography? Is it travel? Is it cooking? Is it bumming around and doing nothing? Yep, I can’t decide.

    And I think that’s a great thing. Indulge in everything. :)

    Am surprised I hadn’t read this one for long. hmm. Let me go drool over your food blog now :P


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