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Day 309: Invitation

4 Nov

Get beneath my skin,
Creep in, stay a while,
Like sliced light under the door.


Day 285: Shifting gears

11 Oct

Letting it go is so hard,
perhaps then, I should
maybe, just let it be?

Day 256: Lines and dreams

12 Sep


Trace a new pattern,
connecting the dots
where you end and I begin.


I reach out to touch
things of dust and dew,
a mirage that bursts to life.

Day 246: Wandering, right here at home

2 Sep

Through vast clouds of green,
Purple skies, ochre in between
I’ll find my way home.

Day 242: A morning moment

29 Aug

Pause. Breathe in slowly.
Watch and wonder silently,
this life in passing.

Different morning, same ferry, same ferry-dog.

Day 230: How many days

17 Aug


Unabashed love
hides between the sheets
Waiting. A new day will break.

Day 229: Into the blue

16 Aug


Untouched, wild and free
Blue skies meet the green
Begging you to look beyond.

Day 217: So green

4 Aug


Stripped of all the fluff
Torn down to the core
We always want to roam free.

Day 215: Moving on

2 Aug


With every step
Forward moves closer
And fear gets left behind.

Day 201: What happens when you go cycling in the rain

19 Jul


You know true freedom,
you chase the rain, open arms.
And then, you fall sick.

Day 182: Watercolour eyes

30 Jun

Look! Limpid pools of
melting fields and liquid trees
Washing away time.

Day 176: Begin

24 Jun

A trip with the girls
Weeks of restless  waiting, and
Finally, we’re off.

Day 164: How blue?

12 Jun

Into the deep blue
Depths of a short memory
Throbbing back to life.

Day 152: Skies that lie

31 May


Sunsets distract. Feign
promises of plenty rain,
as they zip right by.

Day 141: Malleswaram market things

20 May

So, I landed in Bangalore this morning. And true to the nature of my home, run by my errand-crazy mother, we went to the market in the evening. Good old Malleswaram market that’s transformed in so many ways. And yet much of it still remains just the same. The same smiling faces, albeit a little more wrinkled. The same gorgeous wares. The same nooks and corners. The smells. The textures. The colours.


What jasmine looks like.
Fragrance up for sale, when it’s
Strung like sweet candy.


Look me in the eye
Unravel every inch of
me, wrapped up in green.


A whiff of today
The crunch of nostalgia
Spiced with yesterday.

Day 139: Fairy lights

18 May


How can I shine on?
Diffused and dappled,
soaked through In your afterglow.

Day 138: Flame of the forest

17 May


Birth an idea,
let it free, and watch it set
the world on fire.

Day 132: Summer evenings – 2

11 May

Listless summer days
Beguiled by a cheating sky
Fleeting clouds go by.

Day 131: Summer evenings

10 May


Questions about home
sprout from the ground, while answers
point me to the skies.


Finding solid ground
where puffy clouds used to be,
is oddly homely.


Summer’s sultry ways:
bright hot sunsets, pregnant air
Perfect bedfellows.


Day 126: At sea

5 May


Horizons echo
Sending waves back to the start,
home. Where they belong.

The weekend has induced some serious beach cravings. Perhaps because it rekindled a forgotten feeling. Of being in the sea – the water, a balmy temperature, with the sun beating down and browning my shoulders, a summery breeze flitting over the surface of the water as I bobbed up and down with the swell and flow of the waves, occasionally being thrashed around and rendered completely helpless. The sea has a way of leaving you exhausted, yet energised, if that is possible at all.

And I feel the need. To. Go. Back.