Clarity is slow.
But stark. Thoughtless. And cutting.
The way you are now.

Same time, last year: Day 351: Misty mountain hop

Back to base

Every now and then
when I feel the need to pause
I’m so glad there’s home.

Same time, last year: Day 263: All you need is less – projects

Day 309: Invitation

Get beneath my skin,
Creep in, stay a while,
Like sliced light under the door.

Day 256: Lines and dreams


Trace a new pattern,
connecting the dots
where you end and I begin.


I reach out to touch
things of dust and dew,
a mirage that bursts to life.

Day 246: Wandering, right here at home

Through vast clouds of green,
Purple skies, ochre in between
I’ll find my way home.

Day 242: A morning moment

Pause. Breathe in slowly.
Watch and wonder silently,
this life in passing.

Different morning, same ferry, same ferry-dog.

Day 229: Into the blue


Untouched, wild and free
Blue skies meet the green
Begging you to look beyond.

Day 217: So green


Stripped of all the fluff
Torn down to the core
We always want to roam free.

Day 201: What happens when you go cycling in the rain


You know true freedom,
you chase the rain, open arms.
And then, you fall sick.