Things about Rere that I want to forget #1

It took 10 posts of the Things About VC series, before he decided to put pen to paper. To put down in words his daily observations and peeves about me. To remind me that I’m as much of a freak as he is. At long last, VC has spoken.

Things about Rere that I want to forget #1
Rere really makes me feel loved

Whenever Rere leaves town, we exchange parting greetings. Of course this is customary. Usually you’d expect an “I’ll miss you” or an “I love you” or even a “Take care”. But over the years, I’ve come to expect a little more from Rere.

And she never disappoints.

You see, most of her parting greetings go like this: “I’ll miss you. Ok Bye. Keep the house clean.”