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I am available for assignments and commissioned stories, features, essays and think pieces that allow me to explore food, travel, women’s issues, health, fitness, living and lifestyle, and sometimes combinations of these.

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If you’d like to get in touch with me, share your views, talk to me about something I’ve written, commission a story, discuss a project or even just say hi please drop me a line in the form below.


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22 thoughts on “Get in touch

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  3. anne-cillary

    I came across your blog during some random reading online…n I was so glad I did. It rare that one comes across things said so simply n reading your blog made me smile. What’s more it made me want to write & that really is something. So yes that’s all I’m going to say reading your blog made me happy.


  4. Joby Chacko

    Quite caught by the presentation of your blog, I am new to this blogging thing can you guide on how do I customize my blog site. Any thoughts from your side.


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  7. Shalini

    Hi Revati
    Stumbled across your food blog while searching for a ‘ healthy choc cake ‘ recipe .
    You are a kindred spirit ,so thought I’d say hello .In this journey called life .


  8. Hi !

    Your comments elsewhere on this blog, made me realize I should introduce myself. You said we’re both just a tiny sliver of Indian society. And you might be, but I’m not.

    Instead I am a lot of things that it appears few commentors on your blog are.

    You see, I’m not Indian. In fact I’ve never even set foot in India.

    I’m Norwegian, and live in Stavanger, on the south-west coast of Norway. I spent yesterday ice-skating on a local lake after the last two weeks of freezing temperatures has finally made the ice safe. The stories you, and other Indian women tell about street-harassment and other problems, are known to me only from your stories, I am sure similar things -exist- here but they are certainly much less common.

    I like learning about different cultures, and learning from the people who are actually living somewhere, is much more fun, and much more *real* than reading boring textbooks. You can’t learn much from talking to the mirror. I think it’s much more useful to get to know people who are really different from yourself, rather than just people who are very similar to yourself.

    I’m also a dad (of 3), a nerd, a avid outdoors-person, a husband and a hopeless romantic, and naive enough, or unrealistic enough that I still want to change the world.

    Nice to meet you !


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