Therapy and Healing

If you have followed this blog in the years after 2016, you would know that therapy, healing and deep self work have become a primary focus area in my life. This seeking brought me to Family Constellations, that has since impacted my life in immeasurable ways.

In 2019, after two years of training, I became a certified practitioner of Family Constellations — a form of therapy evolved by Bert Hellinger that has foundations in systems theory and transpersonal psychology. At its core is the belief that every individual lives and thrives as a part of the family unit, and that that family unit or system is inevitably affected by the lives and circumstances of the generations that comes before it.

Both Family Constellations and Tarot Cards have enriched my own personal development journey and sparked a desire to share this work with others on a similar path or seeking.


In January 2020, I began offering individual and group sessions in Family Constellations and/or Tarot Card readings for individuals for clients who wish to get a deeper understanding of their challenges, seeking clarity and grounding, or want another way to get in touch with their deeper selves.

If you’d like to explore either Family Constellations work or Tarot Card readings, please use the contact form to reach out to me and I will get back to you.

Please also check upcoming offerings for workshops in your city, or current offers for tarot card readings.

My updated professional website now reflects this new beginning.